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Vancouver traumatic brain injury cases  can result from Vancouver car accidents, slip and falls, sporting activities or other everyday accidents. Vancouver traumatic brain injury victims suffer  devastating psychological and physical effects. Headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, mood changes, memory problems, feeling depressed or anxious, difficulty sleeping and seizures are all some symptoms one can experience from a Vancouver traumatic brain injury. The effects of Vancouver traumatic brain injury often linger and are often destructive to not only the person suffering from the traumatic brain injury, but to their family and close friends as well.

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Vancouver Traumatic Brain Injury Awards Are Huge

In the case (Snidal v. Spires) the plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident occurring on December 8, 2010 in Parksville, British Columbia. The plaintiff suffered from soft tissue injuries and debilitating headaches as a result of the accident. The plaintiff also was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.

Mr. Justice Fitch awarded non-pecuniary damages of $85,000 and stated the following:

[131]  The plaintiff is a young woman. More than four years from the date of the accident, she continues to experience fairly constant pain and occasionally debilitating headaches. Although her symptoms have likely plateaued, they are now chronic in nature and will be a permanent and regular feature of her daily existence.

[132]     The plaintiff is no longer able to enjoy her favourite recreational activities, nor the active lifestyle she once enjoyed.

[133]     She has become more withdrawn.  Her self-esteem and sense of self-worth were seriously compromised in the aftermath of the accident.

[134]     She experienced a major depressive disorder attributable to the accident and will likely experience some residual, but manageable, symptoms of that disorder in the future.

[135]     In all the circumstances of this case, and applying the factors in Stapley v. Hejslet, I consider an award of $85,000 for non-pecuniary damages to be just and appropriate.

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