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Vancouver Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

ICBC Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers 604-602-9000

MacLean Personal Injury’s Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers handle these serious and catastrophic cases with a no nonsense and aggressive approach with ICBC and a tireless compassion for our clients and their families. We know Vancouver spinal cord injuries go to the heart of a person’s ability to support themselves and their loved ones. The emotional and financial costs of these injuries are staggering and you need someone on your side that will work tirelessly to advance your interests to recover the highest possible settlement on your behalf.  The Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury are proud of our derserved repuation for being committed to helping our clients recover physically, emotionally and financially.  Call us now toll free across BC at 1-877-602-9900.

Our highly rated Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers will meet with you immediately after the accident for free and we will not be paid until we recover your settlement or trial award. Our lawyers bring an intense legal focus on obtaining settlements or judgments for catastrophic brain injuries, paralysis, quadriplegia, peripheral nerve injuries, as well as whiplash and other soft tissue injuries and PTSD and other psychiatric injuries.

MacLean Personal Injury Proud to Donate Scooter to Rick Hanson Foundation

Our  experienced Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers will meet with you or your loved one at the hospital, your home or at our 4 offices across BC located in Vancouver, Kelowna, Surrey and Fort St John, BC. MacLean Personal Injury is proud to have donated a scooter to the Rick Hanson Foundation to help a victim of a Vancouver spinal cord injury.

Vancouver Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Explain The Options

When you suffer a Vancouver spinal cord injury thast isn’t your fault, you need the best specialized medical care and just as importantly the best legal advice possible.  There is no question an emotional and psychological price will be paid by all persons involved in a Vancouver spinal cord injury case.

Hiring A Good Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Makes Sense

Filing a court action is just the start of the healing process, as an action is not filed by top Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers until near the end of a two year limitation period to ensure that top lawyer have all the medical evidence, a through understanding of the full extent of your injuries and a good idea ofthe financial losses you and your family have suufered.

You are entitled to damges for pain and suffering, past wage loss, future wage loss, cost of future care and special expenses amongst other relief. A successful settlement or court lawsuit often provides our clients with a sense of justice as well as needed financial resources to meet the expenses created by your spinal cord injury.

At MacLean Personal Injury we know it’s not about the money, it’s about justice then it’s about the money.

Motor vehicle accidents Are The leading cause Of Vancouver Spinal Cord Injuries

According to the Mayo Clinic, Auto and motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, accounting for more than 35 percent of new spinal cord injuries each year.

  • Spinal cord injuries result from damage to the vertebrae, ligaments or disks of the spinal column or to the spinal cord itself.
  • A traumatic spinal cord injury may stem from a sudden, traumatic blow to your spine that fractures, dislocates, crushes, or compresses one or more of your vertebrae.
  • Additional damage usually occurs over days or weeks because of bleeding, swelling, inflammation and fluid accumulation in and around your spinal cord.
Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers, Lorne MacLean, QC and Spencer MacLean

Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers, Lorne MacLean, QC and Spencer MacLean

Delay In Hiring MacLean Personal Injury Hurts Your Chances Of The Best Settlement Result

Promptly contacting us after an accident and BEFORE YOU TALK TO ICBC will enable MacLean Personal Injury’s Vancouver spinal cord injury lawyers, to gather information more easily. It is critical to be aware that as time passes after your injury, witnesses become harder to find, evidence may be lost and you and your witnesses’ memories will decline in accuracy. In addition, BC has a strict statute of limitations establishing a certain deadline after which your catastrophic spinal cord injury claim can no longer be filed. Meeting with us within in days of the accident is considered best practices in obtaining the best possible outcome. Don’t delay please.

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