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Vancouver Shopping Mall ICBC Car Accident Lawyer

Vancouver ICBC Car Accident Lawyer

Our Vancouver MacLean Personal Injury and Vancouver Shopping Mall Car Accident Lawyers can be reached at 604-602-9000.  Our focused ICBC injury trial lawyers know that car accidents involving ICBC vehicle claims and personal injury claims by passengers, drivers and pedestrians are on the rise according to Vancouver ICBC Car accident injury statistics just released.

During the holiday season shopping mall ICBC car accident injuries multiply because of distracted drivers, unwary or texting pedestrians or excited children or adults  running to look at potential presents. BE CAREFUL and avoid these dangers. If you are hurt, get medical help immediately and then call our Vancouver ICBC Car Injury lawyers at 604-602-9000 to meet for free with us. Prompt attendance at our free initial consultation will ensure you maximize the monetary recover to help you heal and meet you and your family’s needs.


A recent Vancouver Sun article notes:

A total of 129 pedestrians were injured in 12 of the Lower Mainland’s major shopping malls over a five-year period, with about one-quarter of them hurt at Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown, according to the Insurance Corp. of B.C. Those statistics were provided this week after a toddler was killed and his mother injured at the Meadowtown Shopping Centre parking lot in Pitt Meadows Friday.

The accident served as a tragic reminder to pedestrians – as the Christmas shopping season kicks into gear – of the dangers of walking in busy parking areas where cars are constantly pulling in and backing out.

ICBC provided accident statistics on 12 shopping malls: Metrotown, Brentwood, Coquitlam Centre, Richmond Centre, Yaohan Centre in Richmond, Park Royal, Oakridge, Meadowtown, Willowbrook in Langley, Sevenoaks in Abbotsford, Guildford in Surrey, and Morgan Crossing, also in Surrey. The numbers showed that there were a total of 16,128 crashes at the 12 malls and 1,084 injured victims, including 129 pedestrians. However, the numbers at individual malls were sharply different, with Metrotown – which bills itself as the largest shopping centre in B.C. – showing the highest number of crashes (3,590), the highest number of injured victims (231) and the highest number of pedestrians hurt (32).

A Metrotown official could not be reached for comment.

Park Royal in West Vancouver came second in the ICBC survey, with 2,490 crashes and 182 injuries including 17 pedestrians.

Fatalities for the 12 malls were not provided, although police data shows 15 pedestrians were killed in B.C. parking lots between 2008 and 2012

When you are injured you need a top Vancouver Shopping Mall ICBC Car Accident Lawyer. We have offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and Fort St John, BC. Call us toll free at 1-877-602-9900.

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