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Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

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Traffic-related Vancouver serious pedestrian injury incidents are a growing public health threat. The global economic burden of motor vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries totals $500 billion. Substantial data indicates that most Vancouver serious pedestrian injury and pedestrian fatality cases occur between the hours of 6 pm and midnight and during poor weather conditions. When you suffer a Vancouver serious pedestrian injury you need urgent medical attention and just as prompt legal representation to ensure justice is done and a proper money settlement is obtained. Our MacLean Personal Injury lawyers will help you get both. Call us at 604-602-9000.

Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury

Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury Lawyer, Spencer MacLean – 604 602 9000

Vancouver serious pedestrian injury cases exact a huge toll on our clients and on their loved ones. Our Vancouver serious pedestrian injury lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury know that our client’s injuries are often so severe due to the fact the pedestrian is not protected at all from contact with a vehicle weighing two tons that rams into them tossing them like a ragdoll for several feet or worse catapulting them up and over the vehicle.


What Happens to A Defenceless Pedestrian When They Are Struck That Causes Such a Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury?

An article in the California Journal of emergency Medicine explains what the impact pattern is in a Vancouver serious pedestrian injury case:

  • Therefore, there are a number distinct impacts that increase with the speed of the impact:
  • The first is between the lower leg and the bumper.
  • This is immediately followed by contact between the thigh area and the upper edge of the hood.
  • These impacts cause rotation of the upper body, resulting in another impact between the head/shoulders and the hood/windshield region.
  • At low speeds, the pedestrian remains on the hood.
  • At higher speeds, the increased momentum causes the legs to rotate above the head before falling back onto the hood.
  • At even higher impact speeds, the pedestrian somersaults onto the windshield/roof after head impact.
  • Further increases in impact speed can cause the pedestrian to pass fully over the vehicle. This leads to subsequent impacts with the ground and other roadway objects as the pedestrian slides/rolls/bounces to rest.

What Types of Injuries Do Our Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury Clients Suffer?

Doctors noted in the same study that most injuries arising from these vehicle and ground impacts to

  • adults are trauma to the head, legs and pelvis., tibial plateau fractures and ligamentous injuries of the knee, as well as traumatic brain injuries, are all common.
  • in children, aside from superficial injuries, involved the head and neck (34.6%), with musculoskeletal injuries the second most common (22.2%).
  • The most common injuries seen in infant pedestrian collisions tend to be traumatic brain injuries and musculoskeletal injuries, followed by chest and abdominal injuries. In musculoskeletal injuries the upper and lower legs and knees are most frequently injured, which can lead to long-term disabilities. Head injuries are generally more life threatening.

Our Vancouver serious pedestrian injury Lawyers Will Obtain the Highest Fair Money Settlement for Your Vancouver Serious Pedestrian Injury

When you are injured our lawyers will fight for you to obtain the highest negotiated settlement or trial award so you are restored to where you would be before the accident happened and into the future.

In Athey v. Leonati [1996] 3 S.C.R. 458, 140 D.L.R. (4th) 235, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that the objective of a damage award in negligence is to return the plaintiff to the position that she would have been in, absent the defendant’s negligence. That is to say, to return you to your original position (at para. 32).

The road to recovery from a Vancouver serious pedestrian injury is often a long one and we’ll be with you at your side every step of the way. Call us in Vancouver at 604 602 9000 or request a free consultation.

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