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Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Vancouver ICBC Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

Our Vancouver ICBC bicycle accident lawyers 604-602-9000 know that Vancouver is one of the most bicycle accessible cities in the world. Vancouver has dedicated bicycle lanes, a mild climate and miles of scenic roads to ride on. Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers appreciate that our mayor has worked hard to reduce Vancouver ICBC bicycle accident incidents but every year thousands of cyclists are hit and seriously and catastrophically injured or worse yet killed. This article focuses on keeping you safe as a Vancouver cyclist.

MacLean Personal Injury has 5 offices located across BC in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna and Fort St John, BC. We meet with you for free at these offices your home and even the hospital.

Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights and Obtain Just and Generous Settlements

With more riders commuting to and from work car/ bike accidents are up sharply. Our aggressive and experienced Vancouver ICBC bicycle accident lawyers help injured bike victims who have suffered moderate to catastrophic ICBC bicycle accident injuries such as:

  • Face and head injury
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Soft tissue and ligament damage
  • Anxiety and stress disorders

Our Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers will help you obtain the maximum fair money compensation for pain and suffering and past and future wage loss as well as medical costs and therapy expenses. We’ll meet with you for free at any of our 5 BC offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Fort St. John Richmond or Kelowna, your home or the hospital.

Top Safety Tip #1 from Our Experienced ICBC Accident Injury Lawyers

Avoid The Deadly Right Hook!

Spencer MacLean, MacLean Law

Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Spencer MacLean

A right hook bicycle accident injury happens when a driver passes a cyclist on the left and then proceeds to make a right-hand turn directly in front of the cyclist’s right-of-way often with catastrophic results to the bicyclist. Be alert for this foolhardy driver!

ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers Point Out the Stats
Our experienced and tenacious ICBC bicycle accident lawyers wondered if you are aware that:

  • in excess of 10,000 cyclists are seriously injured every year in Canada
  • Most bicycle crashes occur during the afternoon rush-hour
  • Cyclists are more likely to be killed or injured at an intersection or add a location where there are traffic signals or other traffic control signs
  • One out of three cyclist deaths occurs at night or where there’s artificial lighting
  • 34% of cyclists who were killed or struck by a car in the dark
  • 64% of cyclist deaths from traffic crashes occurred on city roads with a speed limit of under 70 kilometers per hour
Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers Point Out Safety Tips from CAA

  • Never ride your bicycle while wearing headphones
  • Keep both hands on handlebars, except when making a hand signal
  • Keep both feet on pedals
  • Never carry more people than the bike was designed for
  • Ride in a single file
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Avoid getting aggressive with drivers by yelling and gesticulating at them

Ten Ways Not To Get Hit On Your Bike

Vancouver ICBC Bicycle Accident Lawyers Want You To Stay Safe

We hope this article keeps you safe from injury. We know you never think it will happen to you and we hope it doesn’t but if it does it’s about justice and getting properly and fully compensated for your injuries with the highest possible settlement award. Call us toll free across BC to meet with us at any of our 5 offices. You can also request a free consultation online.


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