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Vancouver Brain Injury Lawyers

MacLean Law’s Vancouver brain injury lawyers know all too well that a Vancouver brain injury accident is very often catastrophic for the victim. There is no such thing as a minor brain injury and we won’t let any adjustor tell you or your injured family member that. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury sounds innocuous but it is anything but minor. It seriously compromises the Vancouver brain injury victim’s life and jeopardizes the financial security of themselves and their family. MacLean Personal Injury’s Vancouver brain injury lawyers know that Vancouver brain injury victims need focused and expert medical help. Just as crucially they also need the best Vancouver brain injury lawyers to assist in helping them recover and in pursuing justice for them so they achieve the highest fair settlement or trial award. Our Vancouver brain injury lawyers will marshal a team of top experts, together with family members and friends to prove the overwhelmingly negative impact of our client’s Vancouver brain injury.

MacLean Personal Injury has highly experienced brain injury lawyers and paralegals who are fluent in diverse languages such as Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and Cantonese. Vancouver brain injuries are often some of the most damaging and difficult types of injuries that our Vancouver ICBC car accident victims face. The injury is not readily apparent and victims are often unaware of the seriousness of their injury and unlike broken bones that are easy to spot, a brain injury is invisible but far more serious for the victim. The victim and his family may hope for the best and minimize the consequences of the brain injury. The victim of a Vancouver Brain Injury often cannot cogently testify about their injuries and how their lives has been turned upside down. Our tenacious Vancouver brain injury lawyers will show the court how the brain injury victim’s self-worth as a leader in their field or as a good family provider has been undermined.

Lorne MacLean, Q.C. - brain injury lawyer in Vancouver

Lorne MacLean, Q.C. – experienced Vancouver brain injury lawyer.

Vancouver Brain injuries can last a lifetime and lead to major changes in a person’s personality and quality of life. Vancouver brain injury symptoms often take months to show up. Furthermore, because of the special nature and complexity of the brain, medical diagnoses may be imprecise and take time and multiple tests and a panoply of experts including doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, actuaries AND most importantly seasoned Vancouver brain injury lawyers need to be involved to persuade ICBC and a judge and jury just how devastating your injury is. All of these complications mean it is vital to have the representation of a top Vancouver brain injury lawyer such as the lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury on your side early on in a Vancouver brain injury case.

Types of Vancouver Brain Injury provides a nice analysis showing that the severity of symptoms depends on whether the injury is mild, moderate or severe:

  • Mild traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion, either doesn’t knock you out or knocks you out for 30 minutes or less. Symptoms often appear at the time of the injury or soon after, but sometimes may not develop for days or weeks. Mild traumatic brain injury symptoms are usually temporary and clear up within hours, days or weeks, but they can last months or longer.
  • Moderate traumatic brain injury causes unconsciousness lasting more than 30 minutes. Symptoms of moderate traumatic brain injury are similar to those of mild traumatic brain injury but more serious and longer-lasting.
  • Severe traumatic brain injury knocks you out for more than 24 hours. Symptoms of severe traumatic brain injury are also similar to those of mild traumatic brain injury but more serious and longer-lasting.

Vancouver brain injuries need to be taken extremely seriously and victims and their family’s need to seek treatment by top medical professionals and seasoned and experienced Vancouver brain injury lawyers such as the lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury. Call our offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna or Fort St. John or request a consultation.

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