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Surrey Whiplash Chronic Pain Lawyers

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Surrey Whiplash Chronic Pain Lawyers

Our skilled Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers pursue the highest combined award of pain and suffering, wage loss and costs awards. Many  of our Surrey and Vancouver ICBC whiplash injury victims don’t know that while whiplash often resolves itself in a few months. Our aggressive Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers also know that sometimes contrary to what ICBC tells you, a Surrey whiplash claim can turn into a case of chronic pain that destroys a persons normal life. In these cases, our skilled  Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers obtain crucial treatment and diagnostic expertise on behalf of our clients. Our Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers know that as symptoms in these cases can’t be seen readily on tests and rely on the victim’s reporting as opposed to x-rays and tests that prove injuries to a court for broken bones a sound strategy to prove the case is critical.

You can meet with us for free at any of our 4 offices across BC or by calling our Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers toll free at 1-877-602-9000.

Whiplash Injuries Are Common From Car Accidents

Dr. Perry Nickelston explains that:

The Quebec Task Force (QTF) on Whiplash Associated Disorders defines whiplash as “bony or soft tissue injuries” resulting “from rear-end or side impact, predominantly in motor vehicle accidents, and from other mishaps” as a result of “an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck.” It is estimated that as many as four per 1,000 people may experience a whiplash-related injury and associated pain syndromes. The overall economic burden of whiplash injury, including medical care, disability and sick leave, is estimated at a staggering $3.9 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

The mechanism of injury suggests that whiplash may occur as a result of hyperextension (excessive backward bending) of the lower cervical spine (neck) in relation to a hyperflexion (excessive forward bending) of the upper cervical vertebrae, producing a force of impact “whipping” through the body. The result is soft-tissue damage, inflammation and muscle spasm.

highly experienced Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers

Spencer MacLean one of our  Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers


MacLean Personal Injury Surrey Whiplash Chronic Pain Lawyers Win Big

Our  highly experienced Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers’ have won trial awards in chronic pain whiplash cases involving substantial judgments. Whiplash and chronic pain are complex medical conditions that require your lawyer to have a thorough understanding of the legal principles involved.

Our highly experienced Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers also know which experts give you the best chance of a prompt and through recovery and which doctors and experts can explain your painful condition to a judge and jury.

Get one of our Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers on your side now. When you are injured, it’s not about the money it is about justice- then it is about the money. Call us at 1-877-602-9900 immediately after the car crash and before you talk to ICBC.

Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers

Surrey whiplash chronic pain lawyers


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