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Surrey Serious Whiplash Injury

Surrey ICBC whiplash injury

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What happens if your ICBC whiplash injury never goes away? Contrary to common ICBC statements to injured victims, a car crash can cause a prolonged Surrey Serious Whiplash Injury. You need a hire a top ICBC car accident and Surrey personal injury lawyers.

As Donald Murphy, DC states:

Awareness of Coming Impact on Whiplash Injury Severity

Perhaps the most important factor that affects the efficacy of the stabilization response in relation to whiplash injuries is awareness of the impending impact.

  • Scenario 1: Aware of impending impact. This person is able to automatically prepare the stabilization system to respond quickly and efficiently.
    Scenario 2: Unaware of the impending impact. This person cannot prepare the stabilization system, thus slowing the response and decreasing its efficiency. This person is likely to sustain greater whiplash injury than is the person who is aware.

This may help explain the findings of some studies that have shown a passenger in a struck vehicle is likely to sustain greater whiplash injury than the driver.4, 5 The driver is more likely to see the vehicle coming in the rear view mirror.

A Surrey Serious Whiplash injury case requires top medical treatment and savvy and tenacious legal representation. You’ll be given focused attention and an aggressive strategy to maximize your ICBC claim and Surrey Serious Whiplash Injury case settlement or court damages award.


Surrey serious whiplash injury

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Surrey Serious Whiplash Injury

When you suffer a Surrey ICBC whiplash injury  remember they are not minor as ICBC representatives might try to argue they are in fact often a  Surrey Serious Whiplash injury. Don’t take chances with your health. Remember it’s not about the money it’s about justice, then it’s about the money. Call our experienced and tenacious Surrey Serious Whiplash injury lawyers at 604-576-5400.


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