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Surrey and Richmond PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers

Loss of Future Earning Capacity

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Surrey and Richmond PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers know that psychological injuries can be very common in Surrey ICBC car accidents. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, called “PTSD” for short, is serious and threatens a person’s social and financial existence and that of their family. Our PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers understand that PTSD can be more debilitating than a broken leg, fractured skull or serious whiplash. Our experienced Surrey and Richmond PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers will meet with you and your family members immediately to ensure you are diagnosed correctly and your case is fully and properly explained to ICBC adjustors, defence lawyers judges and juries. Our senior lawyers always handle your cases not case managers.

Surrey and Richmond PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers

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Surrey PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers

Along with physical injuries in a Surrey and Richmond ICBC car accident, many victims also suffer from psychological injuries.PTSD psychological injuries are stress-related emotional conditions resulting from real or perceived harm, or injuries that may become the subjects of personal injury litigation. Some symptoms of Surrey PTSD and other psychological injuries include anxiety, depression, insomnia or nightmares, confusion and difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, edginess and agitation, fear, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

Surrey and Richmond PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers Note Record PTSD Award

In what was one of the highest non-pecuniary awards in Canadian history for psychiatric injuries, (Hans v. Volvo Trucks North America Inc.) the plaintiff, a long haul trucker was driving his fully loaded tractor-trailer on the Trans-Canada Highway when without warning all electrical power was lost. The vehicle started to jack-knife and the trailer struck the cab of the truck, throwing the truck off the road.  

The plaintiff managed to escape any physical injuries in this, however, the plaintiff sustained extreme psychological damages, suffering from PTSD and a severe depressive disorder. Mr. Justice Davies awarded non-pecuniary damages at $265,000 as part of an overall $4,000,000 plus claim mostly for the husband in a claim involving injuries to Mr. and Mrs. Hans stating the following:

[458] Central to the issue of the quantum of damages to which the plaintiffs are entitled is resolution of the question of whether the plaintiffs have proven that Volvo’s negligence caused Mr. Hans to suffer PTSD.

[459] For the reasons that follow, to which I have also alluded earlier in these reasons, I am satisfied that the totality of the evidence, including the medical evidence which I accept, confirms that Mr. Hans did suffer PTSD as a consequence of the collision and that the damages which he has suffered and which he will continue to suffer arise as a consequence of PTSD.
[460] As I have previously noted, Volvo’s argument that Mr. Hans did not suffer PTSD as a consequence of the collision was based in large part upon the proposition that Mr. and Mrs. Hans’ evidence generally and specifically concerning Mr. Hans’ psychological difficulties since the collision was exaggerated for financial gain. I have rejected that argument.

Surrey PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers Note Judge Finds Injuries Life Altering

The Court found “Mr. Hans’ injuries were life altering in every respect” 

  • he went from a happy fun loving man to a bitter resentful person
  • his personal relationships went from healthy to dysfunctional
  • he has become a shell of his former self
  • he is angry, depressed lethargic
  • he used to run and now walks aimlessly
  • he now neglects his personal hygiene
  • he has attempted suicide 3 times
  • he is now heavily medicated and requires constant supervision
  • he now has no interest in his children
  • medical evidence indicated little chance for recovery from PTSD and noted:

[480]     The evidence of not only Mrs. Hans but also that of Mr. Hans’ daughter and his many friends who testified establishes that before the collision Mr. Hans was a gregarious, fun-loving, competitive, hard-working, ambitious and financially driven young man with boundless energy.

[485]     Over the seven years since the collision all of that has changed drastically because of PTSD accompanied by Mr. Hans’ suffering from a Major Depressive Disorder that arose as a consequence of PTSD.

[486]     Mr. Hans is now emotionally and socially a shell of his former self.

[497]     His life is now ruled by pharmaceutical intervention to attempt to overcome the symptoms of PTSD and Major Depression which dominate his existence. Without that medication his existence is further threatened.

[498]     Mr. Hans faces a future of continued pharmaceutical and psychiatric intervention as well as close supervision as his treating medical professionals, family and friends attempt to preclude the active manifestation of his suicidal ideation.

[499]     While it is a positive sign that Mr. Hans has not attempted suicide for more than 5 years since his last attempt, that must be measured against the medical intervention and supervision that has been necessary to attain that modest success.

[500]     Mr. Hans’ self-loathing and despair were starkly evidenced by his testimony at trial as well as by his anger and resentment at those whom he holds responsible for the loss of his capacity to care and provide for his family and enjoy life as he once did.

[501]     The totality of the medical evidence establishes that there is little prospect that Mr. Hans will ever recover socially, emotionally or mentally from the effects of the collision.

[502]     The prognosis for real progress after almost seven years of the debilitating effects of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder from which Mr. Hans suffers is guarded at best and bleak at worst.

Surrey PTSD ICBC Claim Lawyers can help you and your family heal and move forward with a proper PTSD and other personal injury settlement or damage award. Don’t delay in getting legal help anymore than you would get the best medical and psychological treatment.

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