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Surrey Personal Injury ICBC Mediation Lawyers

How Does Personal Injury and ICBC Mediation Work And Why Should I Use A Lawyer?
Our experienced Surrey personal injury ICBC mediation lawyers offer FREE initial consultations at all four of our offices.

Our senior ICBC claim mediation lawyers are available 7 days a week and can also meet with our injured clients at home or even in the hospital.

Our lawyers operate out of all 4 of our offices across BC including Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort St John and Surrey.
Our ICBC Personal Injury Head Office is conveniently located in Surrey at the corner of 56th Avenue and 152nd Street in South Surrey BC. We can be reached at 604-576-5400 or toll free from anywhere in British Columbia at 1.877.602.9900.

Our personal injury lawyers know that when you are hurt you deserve to receive the highest possible compensation from ICBC. We are skilled at negotiating, mediating or acting as your trial lawyers to help you achieve your goal of being properly compensated for your injuries.

Since Most Cases Settle Out of Court, Do I Still Need A Top Surrey Personal Injury Lawyer To Get The Most Money?
Did you know only 5 percent of personal injury cases go to trial in BC? This means 95 percent of all ICBC claim cases are settled out of court. One of the least expensive ways to settle a disputed personal injury claim with ICBC, whether in Surrey, Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort St John, or anywhere else in British Columbia is through mediation. It’s critical you have a skilled Surrey personal injury lawyer from MacLean Personal Injury at your side to properly prepare for and succeed at the ICBC mediation process.

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Are You Curious About How Mediation Works in an ICBC Personal Injury case? We have taken a few quotes directly from the BC Ministry of Justice to help you understand the benefits of being able to demand that your ICBC claim be resolved via mediation:

Why Use ICBC Personal Injury Mediation?
Voluntary mediation of personal injury motor vehicle disputes has an established track record in B.C. About 80 per cent of such cases settle. However, the number of cases mediated voluntarily is relatively low. By providing the needed legislative support for mediation, the Notice to Mediate process contributed to reducing cost and delays in motor vehicle actions.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a process for resolving disputes. Two or more parties to a dispute meet and attempt to settle the matters in dispute with the assistance of a mediator. The mediation takes place in a private, informal setting where the parties participate in the negotiation and design of a settlement. The mediator has no decision-making power — the dispute is settled only if all parties agree to the settlement.

What if ICBC uses the Notice to Mediate to trigger early mediation and the full extent of a person’s injuries is not known or their injuries have not stabilized?
If the full extent of injuries is not known or the injuries have not stabilized, there is little likelihood that a settlement will be reached in mediation, and there is no point in one party compelling other parties to mediate. This is a critical factor to consider in deciding whether, and when, to use the Notice to Mediate. Also, a party may apply to the court for an adjournment of the mediation. The court has wide powers to order an adjournment to a later date on such terms and conditions as the court considers appropriate.

How does the Notice to Mediate process work?
The party who wishes to initiate mediation delivers a Notice to Mediate to all other parties to the action. Within 10 days after the Notice to Mediate has been delivered to all parties, the parties must jointly agree on the appointment of a mediator. The mediation must occur within 60 days of the mediator’s appointment, unless all parties agree in writing to a later date.

MacLean Personal Injury Will Ensure You Get The Highest Possible ICBC Claim Mediation Settlement
You need justice after you’ve suffered a personal injury. You also need the highest possible award for your loss including money to help compensate you for your pain and money losses. You can’t expect to get the most money by yourself. You don’t have to go it alone in Mediation when MacLean Personal Injury is here to help.

Please call us toll free at 1.877.602.9900 or direct at 604.576.5400 or simply use our convenient online form to schedule your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, initial consultation or just to ask us questions. Our Surrey Personal Injury ICBC Mediation Lawyers are here to help – and we are also available at our Vancouver, Kelowna, and Fort St John offices too.

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