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Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

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Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers know Surrey pedestrians are very vulnerable to Surrey traffic accidents. Even with the right away at cross walks and intersections, Surrey pedestrians should never assume they are completely safe and should make sure cars are slowing down and coming to a FULL stop before crossing. Quite often, Surrey pedestrians are hit during dim light conditions or wet rainy weather, where they are hard to be seen by automobile drivers. When a two ton speeding hulk of metal collides with the unprotected flesh and bone of a pedestrian only bad things happen. Pedestrian injuries are catastrophic including brain injury, paralysis, broken bones, torn ligaments and psychological trauma such as PTSD and depression.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

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Our top Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers know A moments inattention by a driver or even a pedestrian can be the sudden catastrophe leading to a Surrey pedestrian accident. Our team of experienced Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers handle minor to catastrophic ICBC pedestrian accident claims.

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Our Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers Negotiate Firmly With ICBC

When you are hurt you need to meet an experienced with an experieinced Surrey personal injury lawyer who negotiates firmly with ICBC to persuade them just how badly you were hurt and just how costly the injuries are to you financially. Our lawyers personally handle your case and we don’t use case managers because we think that compromises your claim. Call us toll free across Bc at 1-877-602-9900.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers Beg Drivers and Pedestrians Not to Text and Drive and Don’t Text When You Cross the Street

According to the Traffic Research Injury Foundation of Canada (TIRF), More than one-third – 36.3 per cent – of all Canadian drivers admit to using cellphones while driving. This is bad news for Surrey pedestrian injuries. With many drivers distracted by texting, phone calls, and doing make up while driving, pedestrians are never truly safe, and a Surrey pedestrian injury can occur anywhere.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

MacLean Personal Injury says Don’t Text and Drive

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers At MacLean Personal Injury Champion Don’t Text and Drive Campaign                               

According to Transport Canada, over the period 2004-2008, 13% of fatalities were pedestrians. This surpassed motorcyclists and bicyclists which accounted for 8% and 2% of fatalities respectively.

As we review the reports in the hundreds of cases we handle we are concerned about the number of accidents where someone using a phone, wearing headphones, sending a tweet or posting a facebook status update are at fault for hitting someone or an innocent victim who is catastrophically injured when a two ton vehicle crashes into the human body with devastating consequences.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers Look At Recent Case To Help Explain The Rules

In the case (Gulati v. Chan) the plaintiff was hit by a motor vehicle as she was walking in a marked pedestrian cross-walk. The plaintiff suffered a myriad of injuries from this, including a broken arm, soft-tissue injuries, a concussion, hearing loss and depression.

The defendant acknowledged that he struck the plaintiff but argued that the plaintiff was partially at fault for the accident, and that some of the injuries and losses the plaintiff suffered were not related to the accident.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers Know Courts Look at Fault and Whether the Injuries Were Caused By The Accident

Mr. Justice Gaul rejected the defence lawyers arguments on  and awarded non-pecuniary damages at $120,000, providing the following:

[23]         Mrs. Gulati says she looked to her right and left before entering the crosswalk. At that time, she did not see any vehicular traffic coming in her direction. When she was approximately half way across the crosswalk she saw Mr. Chan’s vehicle approaching the nearby intersection that was controlled by stop signs. According to Mrs. Gulati, the vehicle was approximately 4 to 5 car lengths away from her when she first saw it. To Mrs. Gulati’s surprise, the vehicle did not stop at the stop sign; instead it turned left and struck her while she was in the crosswalk.

[24]         Mr. Leverett was standing at the southern end of the crosswalk, directly in front of the stop sign for the intersection. He saw Mrs. Gulati exit the Mall and stand at the northern end of the crosswalk. He saw her look both ways and then proceed into the crosswalk. According to Mr. Leverett, there was no vehicular traffic in the vicinity when Mrs. Gulati began to cross the road. Mr. Leverett saw Mr. Chan’s vehicle approach the stop sign. It appeared to Mr. Leverett that Mr. Chan was not paying attention to what he was doing, because his vehicle coasted through the stop sign. Mr. Chan’s vehicle then accelerated and collided with Mrs. Gulati who was still in the crosswalk.

[25]         Constable Lorne Smith of the Surrey RCMP attended at the scene of the Accident shortly after it occurred. While he was there, he spoke with Mr. Chan. According to Constable Smith, Mr. Chan said he had been leaving the Mall’s parkade, had not seen Mrs. Gulati in the crosswalk and had collided with her when she suddenly appeared in front of his vehicle. The officer issued Mr. Chan a violation ticket alleging that he had been driving without due care and attention and had failed to yield to a pedestrian contrary to the Motor Vehicle Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 318 (the “MVA”). Mr. Chan did not dispute the violation ticket.

[29]         I accept the evidence of Mrs. Gulati and Mr. Leverett with respect to how the Accident occurred. In particular I am satisfied that Mr. Chan was not paying attention when he was driving and that he did not bring his vehicle to a stop when he should have. Instead, without any notice or warning to Mrs. Gulati who was legally crossing the road, Mr. Chan proceeded through the stop sign and turned left, leaving Mrs. Gulati with no time to react and avoid the collision. It was not unreasonable for Mrs. Gulati to believe that Mr. Chan’s vehicle would stop at the stop sign and it cannot be said that a reasonable person would have anticipated his decision to breach the rules of the road in the manner that he did.

[30]         In my opinion, Mr. Chan is 100 percent liable for the Accident.

[88]         The defence argues that Mrs. Gulati’s pre-existing arthritis renders this case one that is governed by the “crumbling skull” doctrine. Moreover, it maintains that the significant trauma she suffered to her left arm a year and a half after the Accident constitutes a wholly unrelated intervening event. According to the defence, these two factors warrant a reduction of any award for non-pecuniary damages by 25%

[91]         In my opinion, 20% is the appropriate discount that should be applied in the present case. As such, I assess Mrs. Gulati’s non-pecuniary damages at $120,000.

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers Protect Innocent Victims From Receiving An Unfair Settlement

  • Our Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers would be happy to explain to you what the difference in an offer from ICBC is to an unrepresented person compared to when your are represented by a lawyer.
  • Our Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers ask if  you think it sensible  treat your injuries yourself after a serious injury rathe than seeing the best doctor?
  • Why would you be foolish enough to think you can extract a fair settlement from the highly skilled ICBC defence team?
  • Our Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers suggest you get smart and pick up the phone because you don’t want to compound an accident with a big mistake.
Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

Surrey Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers

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