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Surrey Major Personal Injury

Our caring and aggressive Surrey Major Personal Injury lawyers have just finished two lengthy catastrophic ICBC personal injury trials. The Surrey MacLean Personal Injury team looks forward to the BC Supreme Court judgments that will be handed down to allow our clients and their loved ones to properly move forward with their lives. One of the key components of any Surrey Major Personal Injury case is: how do we measure what a person has lost in their ability to function professionally and personally. What leisure activities and other enjoyments in life are now foreclosed to them for a period of time or maybe even forever? Medical experts including, doctors, therapists psychiatrists, psychologists, and vocational experts often give disputed evidence on this issues particularly when millions of dollars are at stake. A recent article concerning the use of a fitness tracking device called the “FitBit” may provide more data lawyers and judges can assess and either reject or accept to help come to a figure to compensate someone for their lost enjoyment of life and pain and suffering. A recent Forbes article explained how a calgary personal injury firm was going to use fitbit results to help their client.  The article states in part:

“Personal injury cases are prime targets for manipulation and conjecture. How do you show that someone who’s been in a car accident can’t do their job properly, and deserves thousands of dollars in compensation? Till now lawyers have relied on doctors to observe someone for half an hour or so and give their, sometimes-biased opinion. Soon, they might also tap the wealth of quantifiable data provided by fitness trackers. A law firm in Calgary is working on the first known personal injury case that will use activity data from a Fitbit to help show the effects of an accident on their client.”

Our creative and no nonsense lawyers at our Surrey Major Personal Injury law department will firmly negotiate and will not hesitate to advance your claim to a fair settlement through mediation and the courtroom if necessary. Call us at 604-576-5400 to discuss your injuries so we can get you on the path towards physical and financial recovery. We act across BC and have 4 office locations  in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna and Fort St John.

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