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Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers

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Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers know that with safety equipment employed in vehicles such as airbags and seat belts many Surrey personal injury victims are able to escape potentially fatal car accidents. Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers also know that, with the decrease in fatal accidents comes an increase in people suffering other injuries from the crash, especially serious Surrey car accident injuries to the neck and back. The human spine is a unique but fragile part of the body. Our no nonsense Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers explain to our clients that the spine is not constructed to absorb the force that is associated with a serious Surrey car accident. Many Surrey spine and neck injuries result from Surrey car accidents, including whiplash, disc herniation, compression fractures, and spondylolisthesis can have prolonged consequences and recovery periods.

Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers Won’t Let ICBC Rush You Into An Unfair Settlement

Unfortunately, while ICBC adjustors are just doing their jobs, they often rush to get claims settled cheaply and may not take the time to be fully apprised of just how serious your injuries are. Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers know that you get money damages for the pain and suffering you endure, for your compromised ability to function and enjoy life, for past and future wage loss and for care and therapy as well as other heads of damages. MacLean Law’s Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Lawyers will assess your claim for free and get the best medical experts marshalled to help you recover physically, mentally and financially.

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 What Is A Surrey ICBC Neck and Back Injury Worth?

(Lampkin v. Walls) involved a car accident resulting in neck and back soft tissue injuries. The plaintiff was a front-seat passenger in a vehicle driving along Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam, B.C. in January of 2009. The vehicle the plaintiff was in was rear ended by another driver, where he suffered neck and back injuries that left him unable to perform the physical labour jobs he worked.

Madam Justice Watchuk awarded $75,000 in non-pecuniary damages. In her decision Madame Justice Watchuk set out her reasons for reaching her conclusion: 

[128]     Mr. Lampkin is in pain on a daily basis. He performs work, which consistently aggravates his injuries. He is exhausted by the end of the day. He feels guilty that he does not have the energy to play with his 10-year-old son, Lexxus, or help with the care of his infant son, Nathaniel. Mr. Lampkin’s injuries have had a significant effect on the quality of his life.

[129]     I substantially agree with the application by Mr. Lampkin of the factors as set out in Stapley v. Hejslet. I accept the following facts with respect to these factors:

(a)  Age of the Plaintiff:  Mr. Lampkin is currently 46 years old. Both he and his wife are involved in raising their two children, Lexxus and Nathaniel. Prior to the accident, Mr. Lampkin enjoyed taking Lexxus to the park and playing soccer with him. As a family, they enjoyed going to the beach for barbeques and attending festivals. A great deal of this enjoyment has not been possible since the accident. Given his age, Mr. Lampkin has less opportunity to heal or find alternative ways to enjoy recreational activities.

(b)  Nature of the Injury:  Mr. Lampkin has been experiencing pain primarily in his neck and back for over 6 years. He reported those and other injuries immediately following the accident, and he continues to experience them although in lesser degrees. The pain affects his work and his day-to-day activities including driving, playing sports and playing with his children. At the end of a work day, Mr. Lampkin’s injuries are aggravated leaving him with little energy or patience to pursue his usual after work activities.

(c)  Severity and duration of the pain:  Mr. Lampkin’s injuries tend to vary depending on his activities. When he has had time to rest, the severity of his pain is manageable. However, after a work day, Mr. Lampkin requires pain medication to manage the pain. His symptoms are focused in his neck and back. The medical evidence supports that, in particular, Mr. Lampkin’s low-back symptoms are unlikely to resolve.

(d)  Disability:  Mr. Lampkin is partially restricted in many of his activities and has not been able to return to cricket. He is careful not to aggravate his neck or back. He now takes much longer to do things than he used to and is frustrated by his lack of energy.

(e)  Emotional suffering:  There is no doubt that Mr. Lampkin is clearly frustrated by his injuries. Ms. Rouse explained that Mr. Lampkin is much more irritable than he used to be.

(f)    Impairment of life:  Mr. Lampkin no longer plays cricket and is less interested in hobbies such as attending festivals, going to the beach or playing soccer. Doing too much tends to aggravate his symptoms.

(g)  Impairment of family, marital and social relationships:  Although Mr. Lampkin and Ms. Rouse have reconciled since the accident, Mr. Rouse has noted a significant change in Mr. Lampkin. He often does not have energy or is in too much pain to play with Lexxus. He is also much more irritable than he used to be.

(h)  Impairment of physical and mental abilities:  The injuries to his neck and back have directly impacted his ability to play soccer, basketball and cricket. Mr. Lampkin used to enjoy staying active but is now concerned that these activities will aggravate his symptoms.

(i)    Loss of lifestyle:  Mr. Lampkin and Ms. Rouse were carefree people. They now have to deal with their continued loss of income, particularly with raising a young family. Mr. Lampkin is also worried about his ability to partake in his sons’ lives and wants to be able to play sports with them.

(j)    The plaintiff’s stoicism:  Mr. Lampkin is resilient and hardworking. He takes pride in his ability to provide for his family and his skills. Despite the continued pain, Mr. Lampkin has continued to work in physical jobs, working as many as seven days per week. He was fortunate to have two employers in landscaping who made accommodations to assist him.

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