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Surrey ICBC Motorcycle and Car Accident Concussion Lawyers

Surrey ICBC Motorcycle and Car Accident Concussion Lawyers explain that a mild traumatic brain or head injury (sometimes called a concussion) can be devastating and could entitle you to a significant ICBC cash settlement.

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Our Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort St John, and Surrey ICBC Motorcycle and Car Accident Concussion Lawyers will help you and your family get the largest mild traumatic brain injury settlement. We understand that relatively minor car accidents can still cause more than just short term pain and suffering and income loss for our personal injury clients. Even worse, serious car, bicycle, or motorcycle crashes can lead to full or partial paralysis. However, for both minor and serious accidents something less visible but equally devastating can happen – this is a head injury called a mild traumatic brain injury, commonly known as a concussion resulting from a head injury.

The Surrey ICBC Motorcycle and Car Accident Concussion Lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury, emphasize the need for victims of both mild and serious BC motorcycle and car crashes to be assessed for mild traumatic brain and other head injuries, including concussions and whiplash.

Mild traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion, might sound innocent enough but it can be one of the worst injuries a bicycle, motorcycle or car crash victim can suffer. Depending on how serious the concussion is, this injury can affect both the victim and the entire family for the rest of their lives. We recommend that you contact our senior ICBC concussion and general accident claim lawyer at 604-576-5400 to develop a plan deal with a possible case of mild traumatic brain injury and to ensure you get the proper diagnosis, treatment and, where appropriate, the highest possible settlement from ICBC.

It is important to note that mild traumatic brain injuries should be distinguished from a minor head injury, which refers to the head, face and neck area and is not necessarily an injury sustained to the brain itself.

Further, mild traumatic brain injuries are different from psychological injuries however they may share certain symptoms including: depression, memory loss, altered personality, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.

What sets concussions apart from psychological injuries is their ability to be treated. Psychological injuries can be treatable, while symptoms caused by a brain injury that persist longer than two years can be permanent. A car or motorcycle accident victim may be unable to complete their education or support themselves or their families if they suffer from the long term effects of a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury.

How Do Medical Experts Determine If I Have A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?
Medical experts examine the following:
Loss of memory of the events immediately before or after the accident;
Certain alterations in mental state at the time of the accident such as feelings of confusion
Neurological deficits that may or not be transient
Loss of consciousness (assessed on the Glasgow Coma Scale)

Patients with a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury can exhibit persistent emotional upset, attention and intellectual deficits, behavioural changes and physical symptoms such as depression, headaches, dizziness, confusion, anger and irritability.

Even more distressing is that the Surrey personal injury victim suffering from mild traumatic brain head injury may be unaware or refuse to acknowledge these issues. Our qualified ICBC Motorcycle and Car Accident Lawyers are trained to handle this issue and to make sure that ICBC and the Court understand the significance of the injury.

We will work hard to make sure that your settlement is not improperly reduced simply because ICBC or the Court does not understand the severity of your injuries. We will work with you to make sure we have the proper evidence needed to support your claim.

Since the diagnosis for long-term effects of a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury can be challenging, we frequently find that family members can help by telling doctors if they have observed any differences in the injured person’s personality and cognitive (thinking and reasoning) abilities before and after the head injury accident.

Our Surrey personal injury lawyers find the Court’s discussion in Reilly v. Lynn about the characteristics and definition of traumatic brain injury to be very helpful to our clients. In that case, the Court found the plaintiff to be a credible witness whose condition was supported by collateral evidence [collateral evidence means: facts not directly connected to the dispute itself] to have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of rapid acceleration/deceleration of the brain when he was flung violently from his bicycle.

Another tricky legal issue happens when the medical evidence is inconclusive – meaning that the initial medical reports can not say for sure, one way or the other, if the victim has suffered this kind of injury. In these circumstances it is not possible for the Court to rely on the evidence of the victim and his or her family and friends testimony alone.

There must be satisfactory evidence, beyond a finding of the plaintiff’s truthfulness to establish that a brain injury was sustained. This can involve the testimony of experts who fully understand the complexities of properly diagnosing head injuries. Partnering with a expert who truly understands how long term mild traumatic brain injuries can affect both the victim and their family is essential. For a more complete analysis on this particular issue we are happy to explain process to our clients, potential clients, and your family members during a FREE initial consultation.

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