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Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers 604-576-5400

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers understand that Surrey leg injuries are sadly all too common in Surrey car accidents. The femur, or thigh bone, in the leg is the longest, heaviest and strongest bone in the human body. Because of this it takes a high degree of force to cause a fracture.

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers

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Breaking Your Femur Means Tremendous Force Occurred in the Car Accident

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers warn that a great deal of force is required in Surrey motor vehicle accidents to lead to Surrey leg injuries involving a broken or fractured femur.

Surrey ICBC leg and femur injury lawyers sadly accept that serious Surrey leg injuries, such as a fractured femur will result in an inability to use the leg for a prolonged period of time. The majority of patients who suffer serious leg injuries such as a broken femur undergo surgery followed by a lengthy rehab to try to get back to full strength. The pain from this injury is excruciating and pain and ache may last a life time even after the femur has finally healed.

Surrey ICBC Leg and Femur Injury Lawyers

In the case (Gravelle v. Seargeant,) the plaintiff, a pedestrian, was struck by a motor vehicle driven by the defendant, which launched the plaintiff approximately 15-30 feet. The plaintiff suffered a fractured right femur which required surgery. The plaintiff was predicted to have some future restrictions in the leg due to the injury.
Mr. Justice Kelleher awarded non-pecuniary damages at $85,000 and gave the following explanation of the negative impact the car crash had on the Surrey ICBC accident victim:

[50]The following is the application of these factors to the plaintiff:
(a)      Age of the plaintiff:
Mr. Gravelle was 16 when the accident happened. The evidence establishes that he will likely suffer some measure of pain for the rest of his life.
(b)      Nature of the injury:
Mr. Gravelle suffered a fractured right femur that required an open reduction and insertion of an intramedullary nail and locking screws. He also suffered injuries to his low back, right groin and right knee, which remain a cause of pain.
(c)      Severity and duration of pain:
He was in severe pain for a short period of time. He was required to take pain medication for 4 – 6 months.  Four and a half years after the accident he continues to suffer pain.
(d)      Disability:
The plaintiff was totally disabled for some six months, and continues to have some measure of disability.(e)      Emotional suffering:
The plaintiff’s mother testified that the plaintiff was isolated and less confident following the first collision.  He did not seek counselling for this.
(f)       Loss and impairment of life:
Mr. Gravelle’s life was interrupted and altered by the first collision.  He missed part of Grade 10.  His mobility was significantly restricted during the summer. He has permanent injuries and has some impairment of his ability to perform physical labour and enjoy his former physical pursuits.
(g)      Impairment of family, marital and social relationships:
Mr. Gravelle does not enjoy spending a lot of time with friends.  He was somewhat like this before the accident as well.
(h)      Impairment of physical and mental abilities:
He has a permanent impairment of his physical capabilities.  There is no impairment of his mental abilities.
(i)       Loss of Lifestyle:
Mr. Gravelle was unable to engage in snowboarding, an important part of his life, for some time.  He has been able to return to it, but pain prevents him from snowboarding in the same manner as before.
(j)       Stoicism:
Mr. Gravelle is somewhat stoic in his presentation. The defendant agrees that the plaintiff should not be penalized for this.

[53] Having considered the plaintiff’s injuries and the factors listed above, in light of the case law, I assess non-pecuniary damages at $85,000.

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