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Surrey ICBC Lawyers Explain Case Discovery

If you have been hurt in an ICBC related accident and are not sure what your rights are, or if you have questions about what to expect at trial please feel free to contact us now for a FREE initial consultation. You can also call us directly at 604-576-5400 or toll free at 1.877.602.9900.

MacLean Personal Injury – The Discovery Process

The Personal Injury and ICBC Claim Lawyers at the Surrey offices of the MacLean Law Group have found that the six purposes R.B. White, Q.C., outlines in The Art of Discovery (Aurora, Ont. Canada Law Book, 1990) best illustrates to our clients the important role of the discovery process in Personal Injury claims. They include the following purposes:

  1. To understand the nature of the other side’s case;
  2. To gain a preview of the documentary evidence;
  3. To gain admissions for use at trial;
  4. To commit an opposing witness to his or her testimony;
  5. To fix and narrow the matters in issue in the litigation; and
  6. To gain a sense of the personalities of some of the witnesses that counsel will have to cross-examine at trial.

Since it is not uncommon for cases to be settled out of court, it is crucial each party has an opportunity to facilitate a thorough discovery of the opposing party’s case including obtaining all relevant documents. Our Surrey Personal Injury Lawyers would also like to provide a brief outline on what we tell our clients to focus on while being examined for discovery:

  • Listen to the question before answering; If you don’t understand, say so.
  • Think before answering.
  • Answer the question you are asked, and only the question you are asked:  Do not try to guess what the other lawyer is trying to get you to say.
  • Nothing is “never” or “always.”
  • Be approximate concerning figures or distance.
  • If you don’t know, don’t guess.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know.

For more information about your Personal Injury claim or the discovery process please contact us at our Surrey location at 604-576-5400 to set up your free initial consultation.

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