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Surrey ICBC Car Accident Injury Lawyers Explain Cost Of Future Care

Were You Injured in A Surrey Car Accident And Do You Need Your Future Care Costs Paid By ICBC?

Our Surrey ICBC car accident injury lawyers explain cost of future care settlements. You and your family can face huge costs caring for you after the accident and it makes sense for you to fully understand how the courts make an award to cover the costs of future care.

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After you have been injured in a motorcycle, pedestrian, or car accident, you might need long-term care well beyond the initial first few months. Our Surrey ICBC car accident injury lawyers explain cost of future care awards as follows:

If, as a result of your accident, you have limited mobility some of those long-term expenses might include long-term in-home care, renovations to your home to allow for proper wheelchair access, etc. You might also require other special equipment, (such as lifts, an accessible van or other vehicle, etc.) to support a healthy lifestyle. Since it can be difficult to predict exactly what will or might be required in the future it is important to have a dedicated team of professionals on your side.

When our Surrey ICBC car accident injury lawyers explain cost of future care awards with our clients we always emphasize the importance of including well documented opinions from qualified experts to make sure that ICBC and the Court fully understand and appreciate your future needs. We work hard to ensure that you receive the most money possible.

The test for what future costs can be included in an ICBC car accident injury or other personal injury claim was established by the court in the case of Milina v. Bartsch at paragraph 84 which states:

Surrey ICBC Car Accident Injury Lawyers Explain Cost Of Future Care

Surrey ICBC Car Accident Injury Lawyers Explain Cost Of Future Care

a) The test for determining the appropriate award under the head of cost of future care, it may be inferred, is an objective one based on medical evidence.

b) These authorities establish (1) that there must be a medical justification for claims for cost of future care; and (2) that the claims must be reasonable.

What many injured persons may not know is that to properly determine and obtain the most money for their costs of future care a variety of experts may need to be consulted including: economists, actuaries, architects and of course medical professionals.

We also inform our Surrey, Vancouver, Kelowna and Fort St John car accident clients that the courts look to the plaintiff’s life expectancy and consider it to be an important factor when calculating the amount to be awarded. For example, a young client with a full life ahead of them might need a lot more money in order for them to have all the physical, emotional, mental, lifestyle support required to live a full, healthy, and satisfying life.

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