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Surrey Brain Injury MTBI Lawyers

Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers

Our Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers know that car crash related brain injuries are the worst Surrey ICBC car accident injuries an innocent personal injury victim can suffer. Call us to meet for a free assessment of your claim at any of our 5 offices across BC 1-877-602-9900. Click here to see our latest precedent setting win for our client who suffered a brain injury.

Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers

Spencer MacLean of MacLean Law’s Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers 604-602-9000

By hiring our compassionate and experienced MacLean Injury  Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers, you will reduce your stress, help yourself focus on healing and you will be confident that we will aggressively pursue the highest fair personal injury settlement for you.

Surrey Brain Injury MTBI Lawyers Are Crucial To Success 604-602-9000

Surrey Brain injury MTBI Lawyers know that, when you or a loved one suffer a Surrey brain injury MTBI, properly assessing the extent of the Surrey Brain Injury MTBI early on is crucial.  The reason is that a proper medical and legal strategy to set the injured victim up for success needs to be created by a top Surrey personal injury lawyer from the very start.

In today’s blog Lorne N. MacLean, QC and Spencer MacLean explain why hiring a lawyer is the biggest decision you will make after a Surrey Brain Injury MTBI injury.

It is very important that you meet with our highly skilled Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers early on so we can arrange CAT scans, MRI’s and other critically important medical tests and assessments. Our Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers know delay creates a significant risk of a potential longer term cognitive problems.

MacLean Personal Injury Founder, Lorne N. MacLean, QC and his son and associate injury lawyer Spencer MacLean, know that a Surrey brain injury traumatic brain Injury diminishes and impairs a person’s ability to function in the following areas:

  • cognitive ability such as memory, thinking, decision making, and reasoning.
  • sensory functioning such as touch, hearing, and sight.
  • Intellectual capacity and logical thinking abilities
  • verbal and written communication and the ability to properly express oneself
  • psychological as substantial emotional problems may develop including crying, rages, impatience, lack of impulse control, depression, anxiety, aggression or acting out.

Here is a recent article on some exciting developments for treating brain injuries from the Huffington Post .

Here is a great article on what the consequences of a brain injury are and the latest approach to treating them and helping the injured victim recover as fully as possible.

Here is another article on the symptoms and problems in the future for Surrey brain injury MTBI victims.

Brain Injury MTBI Cases Involve Potential Multi Million Dollar Settlements

Decision: Katherine-Paige MacNeil awarded $18.4 million in October 2009

On Aug. 2, 2002, a serious motor vehicle crash occurred when a 1989 Tempo that was northbound went through a stop sign on a rural road in Adjala-Tosorontio Township, northwest of Toronto. The vehicle vaulted over part of the road, smashed into a ditch and came to rest in a field.

Katherine-Paige MacNeil, 15 at the time, was a passenger in the back seat of the car driven by 16-year-old Trevor Bryan and owned by Bryan’s grandmother, Delores DeKoning.

MacNeil was catastrophically injured, suffering a skull fracture, and was left with multiple, permanent brain injuries.

Ontario Superior Court Judge Peter Howden awarded the girl $18.4 million, which included compensation for a loss of future income and future care costs.

Why Hire MacLean Law’s Surrey Brain Injury MTBI Lawyers

  1. MacLean Personal Injury Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers have the experience and legal savvy to assess your claim’s value and chances of success on an objective basis so that you will know where you stand. We can advise you about all the categories of injuries you have suffered to maximize the money award you deserve. We will fully and critically assess offers made by ICBC or another insurer to ensure you are not “low balled” in any brain injury offer.
  2. We will assess the liability issues of the car accident, likely medical treatments and costs expected, refer you to experts who will properly assess you and provide reports that enable judges and mediators to reach the highest fair settlement.
  3. Our skilled Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers have the ability to conduct proper and thorough investigations to maximize your case’s value. We will consider hiring accident reconstruction experts to recreate what happened and investigators to interview witnesses to build a successful case for you.
  4. Our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers help protect you from the stress of dealing directly with skilled Adjustors and Defence lawyers.
  5. You don’t have to sign statements and medical releases for ICBC or insurers without the benefit of legal advice. We will help you keep your personal information private that is unconnected to your injuries.
Surrey brain injury MTBI lawyers

Lorne N. MacLean, QC founder MacLean Personal Injury

Our Ability to File a Lawsuit and Litigate the Case at Trial if Necessary Brings ICBC To The Table

Our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers know that the majority of Surrey Brain Injury MTBI personal injury cases never go to trial. Most Surrey brain injury MTBI injury cases are settled outside of court before any trials that are scheduled. When a lawsuit is filed, mandatory discovery rules come into play. Our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers know, the risk that a judge will decide a case fairly means ICBC will make reasonable offers to you once they know our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers are on your side.


Our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI Lawyers Bring You Peace of Mind

Our skilled Surrey brain Injury MTBI lawyers understand that when you have been injured in an accident, you are likely upset. Brain injuries make the stress even worse.  We will help get the time and ability to focus on recovering physically from your injuries. You can reduce your stress dramatically by picking up the phone and calling Spencer MacLean, Lorne N. MacLean, QC or anyone of our Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers at 604-602-9000.

Call our Surrey brain Injury MTBI lawyers now for a free case evaluation for any accident or injury claim in Surrey or across British Columbia.

We 5 offices across BC in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna and Fort St John BC. Call us toll free at 1-877-602-9900.


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