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Port Mann Ice Bomb Personal Injury Lawyer

Port Mann Ice Bomb Personal Injury Lawyer Files Injury Lawsuit

MacLean Law’s head ICBC claim and personal injury lawyer was interviewed by over a half dozen members of the print, radio and television media on the horrific car accident and personal injury experience her client went through after her client’s motor vehicle was struck and its roof crushed during the infamous Port Mann “Ice Bomb” incident on the Port Mann Bridge 18 months ago.


There are nearly 350 claims for damage from the Port Mann Bridge Ice Bombs that rained down on hapless BC drivers from the cables on the new Port mann Bridge. Victims are unaware that they can claim for mental and physical trauma and injuries they suffered beyond minor claims they may make for vehicle damage. The deadline to sue is now less than 6 months and people with ICE BOMB claims need to get legal advice immediately. We acted for one of the most seriously injured victims and would be pleased to assist others who suffered a similar frightening fate on the Port Mann Bridge.


See MacLean Law on CBC TV from our Surrey ICBC personal injury office.


See MacLean Law on Global TV from our Surrey Office.

PRINT MEDIA METRO NEWS INTERVIEW OF Port Mann Ice Bomb Personal Injury Lawyer 

A Delta, B.C., woman who claims she suffered debilitating injuries after she was hit in the head by a falling chunk of ice off the Port Mann Bridge is suing the company responsible for its maintenance.

In a claim filed against the Transportation Investment Corporation in B.C. Supreme Court, Caryl-Lee Obrecht said she was a passenger in a 2002 Ford Focus that was travelling eastbound over the Port Mann Bridge when the car was struck by large sheets of falling ice.

The incident happened during a storm just after the opening of the bridge on December 19, 2012, when more than 100 vehicles were damaged after being hit by falling chunks of ice that had accumulated on the structure’s supporting cables.

“They were only in the first quarter of the bridge when they were hit by the first ice bomb,” she said.

The “massive” ice bomb shattered the entire windshield, said MacLean Law.

After a second chunk of ice caused the car’s sunroof to cave in shortly after, another ice bomb went through the roof and hit Obrecht in the head, said MacLean Law.

“That caused an excessive amount of bleeding from the top of her head. She suffered a bunch of lacerations,” said MacLean Law.

While Obrecht’s husband leaned out the side of the car as he tried to navigate to the other side of the bridge, MacLean Law said the client was forced to lie on her back in the passenger seat and use her feet to hold up the roof, which was in the process of caving in.

“It was a horrific experience,” . “She had to transverse the entire bridge in a state of peril and apparently the cars were going only 10 to 15 kilometres per hour. That’s a slow go over that bridge.”

Once they got off the bridge, MacLean Law said the couple immediately drove to Surrey Memorial Hospital where Obrecht was treated for the cuts to her scalp.

Since the incident, Obrecht has been undergoing treatment for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. She still suffers nightmares and has not been able to drive across the Port Mann Bridge since the incident, MacLean Law said.

Obrecht also suffered whiplash and post-concussion side effects like nausea, said MacLean Law.

“The aftermath has not dissipated yet,” the lawyer said.

None of Obrecht’s allegations have been proven in court. As of Friday, the Transportation Investment Corporation had not yet filed a response to the civil claim.

It pays to hire a lawyer who knows how to handle these unusual cases and who will ensure your Port Mann Bridge Ice Bomb damages are properly compensated. Call MacLean Law by calling 604-576-5400 so you don’t leave valuable dollars on the table.

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