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Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers

ICBC Car Accident Injury

Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers understand that Langley catastrophic injuries suffered in Langley ICBC car accidents are life changing. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in an MVA, get medical help fast and then call us promptly at 604-576-5400 or toll free at 1-877-602-9900 to meet with us for free to get a plan to recover the largest fair money settlement. 

MacLean Law Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers know that Langley motor vehicle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries such as a spinal cord injury, a severe fracture, blindness, loss of limbs, paralysis a traumatic brain injury MTBI and PTSD.

Most importantly, our Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers get that the emotional and psychological damage that is associated with a Langley catastrophic injury is often overwhelming. Frightening memories from the event, upset emotions and depressions from the injury, feeling sad or hopeless, shock, denial, disbelief and feeling disconnected are all emotional and psychological effects from a Langley ICBC catastrophic injury.

Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers

Langley MacLean Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help 604-576-5400

Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers 604-576-5400

Many normal everyday activities are no longer possible for victims of Langley catastrophic MVA injuries. Our  compassionate and focused  Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers warn that the severity of a Langley car crash catastrophic injury will likely result in lost income from an inability to work. Our experienced Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers also well know that the pain, suffering and emotional toll not only affects the the Langley victim of a catastrophic injury but the victims close family and friends as well.

Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers Ask You To Watch This Real Life Car Crash Video

Langley roads can be dangerous and unpredictable. Many drivers are passing through Langley roads and highways to get home from work or to and from their summer vacation. It is not uncommon for motor vehicle drivers to be speeding or driving dangerously and in just a second your life can change forever. This youtube video shows a frightening Langley car accident.

Spinal Injuries Are Devastating And You Need Representation from Senior Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal injuries. If you have suffered an injury in a Langley car accident it is important to get medical help and contact a personal injury lawyer at MacLean Law immediately.

Langley Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyers

MacLean Surrey Personal Injury Lawyer Head Office 604-576-5400

The Mayo clinic outlines these signs and symptoms that can signal a serious spinal cord injury following an accident. 

“Emergency signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury after an accident may include:

  • Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head or back
  • Weakness, incoordination or paralysis in any part of your body
  • Numbness, tingling or loss of sensation in your hands, fingers, feet or toes
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Difficulty with balance and walking
  • Impaired breathing after injury
  • An oddly positioned or twisted neck or back” outlines the treatment and rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury. “Treatment for spinal cord injuries can be divided into to two stages: acute and rehabilitation. During the acute phase, it is very important that the person receive prompt medical care. Once the acute phase is over and the person has been stabilized, he or she enters the rehabilitation stage of treatment. Treatment during this phase has the goal of returning as much function as possible to the person.”

Recent Catastrophic Injury Case Leads to Near $900,000 Award

In the case Bellaisac v. Mara, the plaintiff was the front seat passenger in a pick up truck when it was rear-ended by the defendant driving a small station wagon. The plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck and back as well as numbness in his body. The accident also caused him headaches, sleep difficulties, and depression.

The court awarded the plaintiff $140,000 in non-pecuniary damages and gave the following:

[71]         The Court will award the plaintiff $140,000 in non-pecuniary damages. In considering the various factors, the Court has placed particular weight on the plaintiff’s age, which favours an award larger than if he were much older. He will be living with chronic back pain and fluctuating chronic depression for the rest of his life.

[72]         In making the award, the Court considered the fact that Dr. Fisher, in his March 12, 2014 report, mentions the possibility of surgery. As noted, in his April 13, 2012 report Dr. Fuller states:

  1. As has been previously discussed, he has really exhausted conservative/nonoperative therapeutic options. On the other hand, he is a poor candidate for surgical intervention. It is now four years and eight months since the motor vehicle accident of July 6, 2009. His symptoms can therefore be considered to be established and it is probable that the trauma to the left S1 root is irreversible. It is also significant that his primary concern has been low back pain. The results of discectomy/removal of a protruding disc are less successful when directed towards low back pain as opposed to severe sciatic pain. He can therefore be considered to have reached maximal medical recovery as was indicated in my previous report of April 13, 2012 page nine, paragraph 45. I would in fact strongly oppose surgical intervention at this juncture in that the prognosis for success is indeed poor.
[73]         With Dr. Fuller’s opinion in mind the Court finds that the future possibility of lower back surgery is not a real and substantial possibility.

[5]             The plaintiff did suffer injuries, including a significant chronic injury to his lower back. With respect to the plaintiff’s back injury, the defendants argued that the plaintiff had a pre-existing condition that would have shown itself within five to ten years.

[6]             For the reasons that follow the Court awards the following damages, subject to structuring:



Past wage loss


Loss of income earning capacity


Cost of future care


Special damages






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