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ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers

ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers

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ICBC personal injury lawyers regularly see injuries that occur in Vancouver ICBC car accidents usually from force of impact from the steering wheel, dashboard or airbag. Our ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers know the types of Vancouver ICBC wrist and hand injuries can range from wrist sprains, wrist fractures, dislocated joins, or tendonitis. ICBC personal injury lawyers know Vancouver wrist injuries are detrimental to many victims because the wrist is one of the most used parts of the human body. We know you need your wrist to drive a car, to ride a bike, and for everyday activities.  

ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers Understand The Cost of Being Injured and Level The Playing Field Against ICBC

ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers understand that Vancouver wrist injuries can affect your ability to work and these injuries will result in lost wages. ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers get that treatment for Vancouver wrist injuries usually involve a cast to keep the wrist immobile for an indefinite amount of time. In more serious cases surgery will be needed followed by lengthy rehab and physical therapy to recover. 

ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers

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ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers at MacLean Personal Injury meet with you for free and we get our fee only after you settle or receive a court judgment in your favour.

Our no nonsense experienced personal injury lawyers will negotiate, mediate and litigate your ICBC personal injury case. Don’t negotiate alone against the highly skilled ICBC experts.

ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers

In the case (Ishii v. Wong,) the plaintiff was involved in two B.C motorcycle accidents, the first being in 2010 and the second being in 2012. In the 2010 accident he suffered physical injuries, the worst being a wrist injury. In the 2012 accident he only suffered psychological damages. 

Madam Justice Gerow awarded non-pecuniary damages at $150,000 and gave the following:

[148]     In this case, the nature of the injury was severe. Mr. Ishii was young when he was injured in the 2010 accident. Mr. Ishii has been left with chronic pain and permanent partial disability of his right dominant wrist, and chronic pain in his right leg. The permanent partial disability in his right dominant wrist impacts his ability to rotate items and do heavy repetitive tasks. He is unable to stand or walk for long periods of time, and cannot run for any distance. As a result of the injuries he sustained in the 2010 accident, Mr. Ishii has not been able to return to some of the recreational activities he enjoyed before and is precluded from trying many new recreational activities, such as racket sports, and climbing, and engaging in activities that require repetitive heavy lifting, or full supination of his right hand. Mr. Ishii had to move back home, and lost his independence as a result of the accident. He has suffered from a depressed mood as a result of his ongoing pain and restrictions.

[149]     As set out above, both Mr. Ishii and the Wong defendants have provided cases which support their positions regarding the appropriate award of general damages for the 2010 accident. In my view, the case that is most similar to the case at bar is Hildebrand. In Hildebrand, a 21 year old auto collision repair technician suffered fractures to his right ankle, right wrist and left femur, in addition to soft tissue injuries, abrasion and chipped teeth. The plaintiff underwent surgery to repair the fractures and spent six days in hospital. He was left with ongoing pain and a partial disability. General damages were assessed at $135,000. In my view, the injuries and residual problems Mr. Ishii suffers are slightly more serious. However, as noted in Stapley, while other cases are helpful, an award will vary in each case to meet the specific circumstances of the case.

[150]     Having considered the factors set out in Stapley, it is my view that the appropriate award for pain and suffering arising from the injuries Mr. Ishii sustained in the 2010 accident is $150,000. I am of the view that mitigation should be considered separately.

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When you are hurt you need to focus on recovering your health and hire someone to focus on recovering your monetary losses both for your pain and suffering, lost income and out of pocket expenses for treatment and future care. Our  ICBC personal injury lawyers will do just that so you get back on the road to a very full and equally generous recovery.  Call 1-877-602-9900

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