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Fort St John Whiplash Lawyer

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Experienced Fort St John Whiplash Lawyer Explains That A Whiplash Is Serious

Our Fort St John whiplash lawyer team always warns our Fort St John whiplash victims and Dawson Creek ICBC whiplash injury clients to never let anyone especially an ICBC adjustor tell you that your Fort St John whiplash injury is a just a minor injury. Members of our top Fort St John whiplash lawyer injury group know that our high income earning clients can’t afford to be out of work for a prolonged period of time. You can meet with us for free. Just call our top personal injury team now at 250-262-5052 to meet with us in downtown Fort St John BC.  Fort St John whiplash lawyer, Spencer MacLean would be pleased to meet with today.

Why Should You Hire MacLean Personal Injury?

Click here  to see a $800,000  example of one of our substantial court ordered judgments from ICBC for our client  involving her serious whiplash injury and other injury case. Needless to say our client was very pleased with the court award as it was far higher than ICBC had offered and we received court costs as well.

Hiring An Aggressive Fort St John Whiplash Lawyers Pays Off

Fort St John whiplash injury lawyer Spencer MacLean

Fort St John whiplash injury lawyer Spencer MacLean

When a Fort St John or Dawson Creek whiplash victim is unable to work our aggressive Fort St John whiplash lawyer will spring into action to ensure you get the highest possible personal injury settlement for your whiplash.  When you have a whiplash injury, you will suffer pain and a diminished enjoyment of life and you will no doubt suffer significant wage loss as a hard working and well paid Fort St John or Dawson Creek resident. You need a lawyer familiar with the economy in the Fort St John and Dawson Creek area and who has a local office there staffed by top professionals and a solid and compassionate support team of paralegals and legal assistants.

We’ll deal with ICBC, while you focus on healing from your Fort St John whiplash injury and getting back to your well paying job. Our experienced personal injury team will focus on ensuring a no nonsense approach to getting you the settlement you deserve.

Fort St John Whiplash Lawyer Explains What Whiplash Is

Fort St John whiplash is a relatively common injury that occurs to a person’s neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration force that causes unrestrained, rapid forward and backward movement of the head and neck, most commonly from motor vehicle accidents. You can see from the picture above how the head can be viciously snapped back and forth in a Fort St John or Dawson Creek ICBC car accident. The term “whiplash injury” describes damage to both the bone structures and soft tissues, while “whiplash associated disorders” describes a more severe and chronic condition. Fortunately, whiplash is typically not a life threatening injury, but it can lead to a prolonged period of partial disability.

Don’t Try To Be A Hero And Compromise Your Physical Health and Monetary Settlement

Some people try to be a hero and work through their injury without getting properly diagnosed and proper legal advice. Don’t take such an unfortunate approach.  We will meet with you for free to get you proper a medical diagnosis the best treatment assessment and care. We’ll also develop a proper legal strategy to get you the highest settlement for the injuries that were not caused by any fault of your own.

Our compassionate and skilled  Fort St John whiplash lawyer team is ready to immediately meet with you. Don’t delay meeting with us today. call us now at 250-262-5052.


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