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Fort St John ICBC Back Injury

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Do you have a Fort St John ICBC back injury or are you suffering  chronic low back pain as a result of a Fort St John BC motor vehicle accident? MacLean Personal Injury owns and operates a state of the art personal injury law office in Fort St John BC to serve our Dawson Creek and Fort John Injury clients.

Our senior personal injury lawyers aggressivley handle Fort St John ICBC back injury and other minor to catastrophic personal injury cases across BC. Call us 250-262-5052 immediately if your injured. We know you deserve the highest possible settlement and we’ll help you recover the highest fair award. Spencer MacLean would be pleased to meet with you at our offices, the hospital or at your home if you are unable to get to us.

Fort St John ICBC back injury lawyer Spencer MacLean

Fort St John ICBC back injury lawyer Spencer MacLean


If you or someone you know has been injured in a Dawson Creek  car accident or Fort St John truck collision  and has suffered aFort St John ICBC back injury, call our dedicated team at MacLean Law’s Personal Injury Department to set up a free consultation.


In today’s case profile, we review the decision of Gunson v. Sekhon 2015 BCSC 2491 from the Supreme Court of British Columbia which directly explains how a Fort St John ICBC back injury case is dealt with in court.


The issues summarized by the Honourable Mr. Justice Grauer are as follows:

[1] Mr. Gunson seeks damages for injuries he suffered as a front‑seat passenger in his pickup truck as a result of a high‑impact collision that occurred in Surrey, B.C., on the early morning of April 8, 2010 (“the accident”). The defendants admit liability and concede that Mr. Gunson was injured in the accident. They accept that he has been left with chronic intermittent low back pain.

[2] The principal issue in this case is the effect of that condition on Mr. Gunson’s past and future income earning capacity, given that his occupation is one that is physically very demanding. He has been employed for many years as a powerline technician, both as a lineman and a sub‑foreman, but to date has lost no time because of his injury, beyond a period of 28 days immediately following the accident.

The injuries:

[12] It is not contested that Mr. Gunson suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and back with symptoms including dizziness, headache and sleep loss, most of which problems were resolved within a year of the accident…

However, Mr. Gunson did not fully recover from the pain in his lower back caused by accident and flare ups and pain continue to affect his day to day life.

The Award for Damages:

After considering a variety of factors including limits to Mr. Gunson’s private life which included:

[18] Mr. Gunson also testified that his injury interferes with his ability to play with his growing children, particularly his three‑year‑old, so that he is unable to be as close to them as he would like. If his back discomfort is aggravated by his work, it interrupts his sleep. He has not been able to engage in activities such as snowmobiling and golf, and finds that long rides on his Harley cause a flare‑up of the lower back pain.

After considering these factors, the judge awarded Mr. Gunson $80,000.00 in non-pecuniary damages or damages for pain and suffering. In total Mr. Gunson was awarded the following:

[75] I award Mr. Gunson damages as follows:

· non-pecuniary damages $80,000.00

· loss of past income earning capacity $14,000.00

· loss of future income earning capacity $90,000.00

· future care costs $2,500.00

· special damages $1,531.02

· Total: $ 188,031.02

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Fort St John ICBC back injury and lower back pain can affect you or your family for years after an accident, proper medical attention is critical as well as promptly hiring  skilled Fort St John ICBC back injury legal counsel. If you have been injured please call MacLean Law’s Personal Injury Department today to discuss ways to maximize your claim. Call your doctor first and then call us before you deal with ICBC. We act for you unlike the ICBC adjustors so it is important you talk to us before you talk to ICBC.

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