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Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers

Surrey Brain Injury MTBI lawyers
Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers

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Our determined and experienced Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers know that the most serious Vancouver and Surrey ICBC car accident injuries leave a victim partially unable to care for themselves and in the worst of cases not able to care for themselves at all. MacLean Personal Injury Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers will help you obtain the highest fair settlements for pain and suffering, loss of wages and cost of future care.

Contact Spencer MacLean if you have suffered a minor to catastrophic car accident injury today at 1-877-602-9900 or  fill out our rapid response injury consultation form. We meet with you for free and are only paid when you recover your settlement or court award. We have offices in downtown Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna and Fort St John.

Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers

Our Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers understand that in the most serious of cases the largest portion of an ICBC personal injury settlement is the cost of future care. In today’s blog, ICBC injury lawyer Spencer MacLean explains just exactly what our Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers focus on to ensure an injured victim is looked after for the rest of their life in a style that they deserve.

Our Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers focus on getting injured Vancouver and Surrey personal injury victims full compensation for future care that reflects a standard of care equivalent to the lifestyle which a claimant was enjoying pre-accident. Our Vancouver future care cost lawyers and Surrey costs of future care team will throughly map out the plan and costs for a successful post accident lifestyle.

Our current Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of Canada Madam Justice McLachlin in the 1985 BCSC decision of Milina v. Bartsch that:

“The primary emphasis in assessing damages for a serious injury is provision of adequate future care. The award for future care is based on what is reasonably necessary to promote the mental and physical health of the Plaintiff.”

Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers Explain The Test

And in the leading catastrophic personal injury damages award case of In the 1978 case of Andrews v Grand & Toy Alberta Ltd., Mr. Justice Dickson confirmed the following:

“Money is a barren substitute for health and personal happiness, but to the extent, within reason, that money can be used to sustain or prove the mental or physical health of the person injured, it may properly form part of the claim there is no duty to mitigate, in the sense of being forced to except less than real loss. There is a duty to be reasonable. There cannot be “perfect” or “complete” compensation. An award must be moderate, and fair to both parties. Clearly, compensation must not be determined on the basis of sympathy, or compassion for the plight of the injured person. What is being sough is compensation, not retribution. But, in a case like present, where both Courts have factored a home environment, reasonable means reasonableness in what is to be provided in that home environment. It does not mean that Andrews must languish in an institution which on all evidence is inappropriate for him Justice requires something better.”

In catastrophic ICBC personal injury cases, a properly laid out “Life Care Plan” also known as a “Future Care Cost Report” forms a critical part of a compelling mediation and trial strategy regarding the victim’s cost of future care.

Our Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers know that future care costs form the largest component of a catastrophically injured Plaintiff’s claim.

Our experienced Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers work with qualified Life Care Planners to create comprehensive and persuasive plans to meet the future needs of severely brain injured, amputated, burned, spinal cord injured and psychologically compromised victims to help our client live as independently as possible.

Factors such as calculating the cost of the required future care from professionals, therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, housing renovations, medications, medical devices, exercises and massage therapies, gross ups and management fee costs as well as life expectancy calculations all form a complex matrix of facts that must be cogently summarized by good Plaintiff’s counsel.

Our life care planners and other experts will assess the documents in the case and interview and assess the victim through a functional assessment to assess the victim’s challenges and limitations as well as speaking to family members.
MacLean Personal Injury’s Cost of Future Care Injury Lawyers will advocate fully on the victim’s behalf for the highest fair injury settlement to ensure you or your loved one obtains what is properly necessary to promote the mental and physical health of the injured victim. Call us toll free 1-877-602-9900. Don’t follow an accident with an even bigger mistake. Call us now.

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