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Brandon Hastings Featured in BarTalk

Brandon Hastings - Personal Injury Lawyer, Vancouver

Brandon Hastings – Personal Injury Lawyer, MacLean Law

MacLean Law Lawyer Brandon Hastings of MacLean Law is a prolific writer on both personal injury and family law articles. He has recently written two articles in BarTalk.


This article specifies how important it is to disclose all information to your lawyer so that there aren’t any surprises should you have to go to court. This can apply to both personal injury files, when ICBC will be looking to dig up any information to discredit a plaintiff or in family law when a judge needs to make decisions related to family matters such as child custody or support and spousal support. The important thing to realize is even where discretion may allow the use of privileged documents, failure to list documents in accordance with the Rules could be fatal. Read a synopsis and references to recent rulings in BC.


In the February edition of BarTalk, Brandon explains the difference between the under insured and the uninsured. It can make the difference for a plaintiff of hundreds of thousands of dollars for injury and other compensation related to car accidents. To learn more about this issue read the full article: UMP AND THE UN(DER)INSURED. 

Brandon Hastings is a personal injury lawyer, collaborative practitioner, and civil roster mediator at MacLean Law.

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