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Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers

Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers

The Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers  know that you never expect to be injured in a Vancouver car accident. The Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers also know that you don’t want to follow an accident with a mistake that makes things worse.

MacLean Personal Injury is proud to be at the forefront of  the drive to discourage drivers from texting and driving with a hard hitting campaign. Share the image in this blog with your friends. We hope our campaign saves drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists from being injured.

If you do suffer a Vancouver Car Accident Injury call Spencer MacLean at 604-602-9000 immediately. Spencer is passionate about advancing your Vancouver car accident injury claim and obtaining the highest damage settlement for you and he is pleased to meet with you at any of our 5 offices across BC in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna and Fort St John.

The Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers share tips and explanations that help drivers understand their rights so they get proper damage settlements.

Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers Free Tips

best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers

ICBC BC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers 604-602-9000 Lorne N MacLean, QC and Spencer MacLean

When you suffer a car accident injury, getting prompt and skilled medical attention is crucial.  But it is equally critical when you are injured in a Vancouver car accident to promptly hire a team of the Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers. You should also ensure your Vancouver car accident injury case is handled by a lawyer as opposed to a case manager. At MacLean personal Injury we never use case managers and our lawyers handle your case personally.

So when you are injured how does your insurance protect you? You have likely faithfully paid your ICBC or private car insurance for many years. When it comes to making a claim in recent years injured victims have raised concerns that recovering proper compensation has become more difficult. ICBC can often be skeptical of victim’s claims and their trained professionals must protect the taxpayer.  Unfortunately, sometimes insurance providers and their adjustors can be overzealous. That’s when MacLean Personal Injury comes in on your side to level the playing field, to persuasively explain your injuries to ICBC and to ensure you get full and fair compensation in the highest money amount.

Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers  Explain Types of Damages

In the recent Vancouver Car Accident case of Wahid v. Caporusso the BC Supreme Court Judge explained how damages for pain and suffering work:

[4]             The plaintiff claims damages as a consequence of both motor vehicle accidents.  Specifically, the plaintiff claims damages for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life stemming from injuries to her neck, back, shoulder, and arms.  She also claimed she suffered from abrasions and bruise initially as well as from headaches, loss of sleep, abrasions, bruises and strains, loss and restriction of movement, and that she continues to suffer from these pain.

The Law on Non-Pecuniary Damages

[171]     Non-pecuniary damages are to compensate the plaintiff for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  The compensation must be fair to all parties and this fairness is assessed by examining similar cases in similar situations.  These cases, however, only serve as a rough guide and each case depends upon its own unique facts:  see Trites v. Penner, 2010 BCSC 882 at paras. 188 and 189:

[188]    Non-pecuniary damages are awarded to compensate the plaintiff for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of amenities.  The compensation awarded should be fair and reasonable to both parties: Andrews v. Grand & Toy Alberta Ltd., [1978] 2 S.C.R. 229 [Andrews]; Jackson v. Lai, 2007 BCSC 1023 at para. 134 [Jackson]; Kuskis v. Hon Tin, 2008 BCSC 862 at para. 135 [Kuskis].

[189]    For the purposes of assessing non-pecuniary damages, fairness is measured against awards made in comparable cases.  Such cases, though helpful, serve only as a rough guide.  Each case depends on its own unique facts: Andrews; Jackson; Jenkins v. Bourcier, 2003 BCSC 388 at para. 87; Radford v. Drobot et al., 2005 BCSC 293 at para. 62; Kuskis at para 136.

[189]     In all the circumstances, I award the plaintiff $100,000 for pain and suffering.

We hope these Best Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers tips help you understand you have rights and that you shouldn’t settle for less than to which you are entitled. When you are injured it’s not about the money, it’s about justice, THEN it’s about the money! Call Spencer MacLean today at 604-602-9000.




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