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Best Fort St John Brain Injury Lawyers

Best Fort St John Brain Injury Lawyers 250-262-5052

The Best Fort St John Brain Injury Lawyers know that Fort St John brain and head injuries can be devastating. Fort St. John brain and head injury can come in a myriad of different forms depending on the amount of force that impacts the head along with the particular force that impacts the head. Fort St John brain injuries can damage one part of the brain, several parts, or all parts of an ICBC car accident victim’s brain.

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Fort St John, Fort Nelson and Dawson Creek ICBC accident brain injury lawyers 250-262-5052

The Best Fort St John Brain Injury Lawyers know car accidents are a leading cause of brain and head injuries for ICBC victims in Fort St John.

Our skilled and tenacious best Fort St John brain injury lawyers will meet with you for free and we don’t get paid until we recover the highest fair injury settlement or personal injury trial judgment for you.

It does not take a big collision for a Fort St. John brain injury to occur, “The brain floats freely in your skull,” said Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist who is co-director of Brain Injury Research Institute. “If you’re moving very quickly and suddenly stop, the brain bounces.

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Fort St. John Brain injuries can have minor symptoms such as headaches, lightheadedness, and mild confusion. More severe symptoms can include seizures, vomiting, balance or coordination problems and memory loss. Serious behavioral changes have also been associated with people that have suffered brain injuries. As Julian Bailes, a director of the of the Brain Injury Research Institute points out “Emotional disturbances, depression, failed personal relationships and businesses, suicidal thoughts, sometimes alcohol or drug use” have all been common threads in people suffering brain injuries.

Best Fort St John Brain Injury lawyers

Best Fort St John Brain Injury lawyers

When a Fort St John victim suffers a brain injury his ability to support himself or his or her family is in jeopardy. You cannot afford to make a mistake on the medical experts you meet with to treat you nor on the legal experts you hire. Meet with us at our downtown Fort St John office today.

Awards For Fort St John Brain Injuries are Substantial

Fort St John Brain injuries can occur from slip and falls, assaults, car crashes, sports injuries, bicycle accidents, ATV and recreational vehicle crashes. When you or a loved one suffers a Fort St John or Dawson Creek head or brain injury, immediate medical assessment and the hiring of skilled legal representation is key. Settlements are often in the millions of dollars and rapid assessment and treatment of the injury is crucial. We’ll help you find the most skilled experts to assist your recovery.

Best Fort St John Brain Injury lawyers Assault Damage Case

In the case Maras v. Seemore Entertainment Ltd. the plaintiff was assaulted by several bouncers outside the popular Vancouver nightclub AuBar. Maras, a 20 year old, student athlete at the time, suffered serious injuries including a complicated traumatic brain injury along with orthopedic and psychiatric injuries. This derailed a promising soccer career, one in which the plaintiff potentially had a chance to play professionally. The owner of the club along with 3 bouncers at AuBar were found liable. After a nine-week trial commencing April 7, 2014, a jury awarded the plaintiff over 3 million dollars in damages. The plaintiff was also awarded his court costs. The court provided the following reasons on the decision:

[2]             The plaintiff sustained serious injuries including a complicated mild traumatic brain injury combined with orthopedic and psychiatric injuries.

[3]             The plaintiff was 20 years old at the time of the assault and 25 years old when the action proceeded to trial before a jury for nine weeks commencing April 7, 2014.

[4]             Both liability and the quantum of damages were in issue at trial and vigorously contested by the parties.

[5]             On June 9, 2014, the jury delivered its verdict. Liability was found against the corporate defendant owner of the nightclub and three of the security personnel or “bouncers”. The action against one of the security staff defendants, Mr. Yip, and the nightclub’s manager, Mr. Childs, was dismissed. The plaintiff was found not to be contributorily negligent.

[6]             The jury assessed damages as follows:

General damages

$   250,000

Loss of income and loss of earning capacity to trial

$   175,000

Future loss of earning capacity


Cost of future care

$   800,000

Special damages

$     27,200



If you or a loved one has been the victim of a Fort St John brain injury it will pay you to reach out to us to help you on the road to both a rapid medical and sound financial recovery. Call us now at 250-262-5052.

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