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5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements

Loss of Future Earning Capacity

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements. Hiring MacLean Personal Injury means you won’t leave money on the table that you so badly need! Call 604-602-9000

MacLean Personal Injury lawyers explain to clients that the factors to look at when determining how much your ICBC injury claim is worth include:

  • who is at fault for the accident,
  • the injuries sustained in the accident,
  • and the impact these injuries have on the person’s life and work.
5 Best Tips to Maximize ICBC settlements

MacLean Personal Injury Lawyers

These 5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Are Not Tricks

None of the 5 tips below are designed to inflate an ICBC settlement award. Rather, they are tips that prevent you from sabotaging your claim inadvertently because you are so busy trying to get on with life or just trying to get by with your injuries.

Being injured is unpleasant and depressing BUT failing to be diligent in protecting yourself can leave you less than whole financially.

Vancouver personal injury damages are awarded related to the Vancouver personal injury you suffered for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, the loss of past income, the loss of future income and income earning capacity, the cost of future care, the loss of housekeeping capacity, the damages that compensate friends and family members, and special damages or out of pocket expenses.

The most common damage in ICBC injury claims are for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, also known as Non-Pecuniary damages. Non- pecuniary damages are awarded after determining how much money is fair to compensate for the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life that comes with the injury.

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Tip # 1

  1. Contact a Top Vancouver ICBC Accident Lawyer Immediately After The Accident

If you do not contact a lawyer you will have to speak directly with ICBC. ICBC will select an adjuster that works for ICBC to deal with your claim. The adjuster’s objective and intention is to resolve the claim for a reasonable amount from ICBC’s perspective. Adjuster’s are very perspicacious when dealing with and negotiating injury claims. Adjuster’s often try to make sure settlements are achieved at the lowest amount possible. Adjusters are very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with injury claims and will use negotiation tactics to try to reach an amount that looks fair from ICBC’s perspective. Most injured parties do  not understand the adjustor is not their advocate. Don’t make this huge mistake.

It is critical you immediately contact a personal injury lawyer at MacLean Personal Injury who has extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims and ICBC and provide them with everything. Our team will ensure that you maximize your compensation from ICBC. MacLean Law personal injury lawyers are experienced in everything from minor fender-benders to catastrophic car crashes with significant MVA personal injury claims.

MacLean Personal Injury ICBC car accident claim lawyers take on ICBC claim cases on a contingency basis: you pay nothing up front and if no money is recovered from ICBC, we do not receive a fee.

MacLean Personal Injury lawyers emphasize that you must not post foolish pictures on social media or in texts etc. ICBC routinely says a picture showing you doing an activity proves that you are cured or that you are a malingerer.

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Tip # 2

  1. See a Doctor Regularly and Provide this Doctor with Everything On Your Injury

Personal injury claims are assessed using medical reports from doctors, psychologists, therapists and occupational and vocational assessors. A doctor in a Vancouver car accident injury case usually writes a report describing your pre-accident medical history, the injuries you have suffered, the post-accident treatment and progress to recovery, along with the doctor’s diagnoses and prognoses.

The doctor’s report is only as accurate and thorough as your description of the pain and impact on your life is. Keep a diary. Take pictures of your injuries.

MacLean Personal Injury Lawyers advise that it helps to go to the same doctor throughout your medical recovery as it is easier to keep track of your medical history and recovery. It is critical to see a doctor and provide him with the injuries you have sustained and are continuing to deal with. A doctor can provide a strong and accurate medical legal report that will allow you to maximize the compensation for your injuries. Medical treatment records will help a lawyer show how serious or debilitating the injuries have been.

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Tip # 3

  1. Make Sure to Take Proper Steps to Mitigate Your Damages

When somebody is injured through the negligence of another, the injured person has an obligation to take reasonable steps to minimize the repercussions of the injury. For example, if a doctor has directed you to go to a rehabilitation center, physiotherapy, message therapy, or a chiropractor to help treat your injury, you must do so and take the proper steps in order to achieve recovery.

A defendant in a personal injury case routinely will try to show that the plaintiff failed to take reasonable steps to reduce their loss after the injury. The court can reduce the plaintiff’s right to recover an amount of their damages if they find the plaintiff failed to take reasonable steps to mitigate their damages. Medical records can allow ICBC and a defence lawyer prove you have failed to follow the doctor’s treatment recommendations.

In the case Maltese v. Pratap the court reduced the awarded damages by over $100,00 and further lowered the plaintiff’s future care costs after it was determined that the plaintiff refused to follow treatment advice and would unlikely follow the advice in the future.

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Tip # 4

  1. Allow injuries to stabilize before settling

It is hard to determine the value of your claim until your injury is stable. It is beneficial to wait until you are recovered from your injuries or to find out if the suffering from the injury sustained is ongoing and likely to be permanent. This will help in receiving full compensation for your injuries. Patience is a virtue in an ICBC MVA car crash claim and it usually takes up to two years to see what the injuries are and whether there is long term permanent damage.

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements Tip # 5

  1. Try to Get Witnesses to The Accident Right Away

Witnesses are so often critical in your ICBC injury claim. Witnesses can give affirmation to what you believed happened and also provide details you may not have been aware of in the accident. Witnesses can also confirm that you appeared to be injured from the accident. It is important that witnesses are contacted and interviewed at the scene or immediately after the accident has occurred as their recollection of the event will still be fresh in their memory.

Sometimes witnesses are people you know, such as friends or family members. These people could have been with you in a car or walking beside you when the accident occurred. If witnesses are strangers try to get witnesses names, addresses, and phone numbers and get them to provide you with a “will say” statement of what they saw or heard. It is helpful to ask for a written statement immediately or shortly after the accident occurred. They can provide you with crucial details of what they saw and where they were when they witnessed the accident. Try and get all the information you can that indicates that the other person was at fault so there is no confusion for the court or adjustors later.

MacLean Personal Injury has caring senior personal injury lawyers who work in our 5 offices across BC in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Kelowna and Fort St John, BC. We’ll work with you to obtain the highest possible fair ICBC personal injury damage award. 



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